The program in which the couples serve for a large family or a group to please them will be on air on weekdays. Every weekday, one couple serves to be elected as the most resourceful couple.

Participant: Everybody who attends in the program to entertain themselves and accommodate only for a week

Contestant Couple: Newly-weds, engaged couples, or any couple in a romantic relationship

In a luxurious big house, one contestant couple serves for the participant group on a weekday. The couple spends the day with a limited amount of food and cleaning supplies with the participant group and then at the end of the day the participant groups leave the house and the couple is to clean up the house. So, they complete their part of the contest.

Participant group evaluates the performance of the contestant couple of the day and give their scores. At this level, the remaining 4 couples watch the process of evaluation from a large screen at a different place and give their comments. On the fifth day of the week when the last couple completes the contest, the participant group and the anchor-person announce the scores between 1- 10. The couple who gets the highest score wins the prize which is 10.000 Euro.