This competition takes place in a villa and the main goal of it is to find different gold pouches which have different numbers of gold hidden somewhere in the house. 

There are 8 contestants and these contestants are randomly divided into 2 groups. Teams are classified according to color of bracelets which attached to their wrists. Like blue and red bracelets. The Contestants have 10 minutes to find gold pouches.

The competition lasts four days and in the first three days, two different pairs of 4 contestants compete to find gold pouches. After 3 days of competition, the 4th day is the last day of competition and is called “Confrontation Day”.

The contestants can use gold pouches for themselves or their team. There is a big difference between two options. If the winner is the team, the main prize is divided into four contestants, but if the winner is one contestant, the prize will be given to that person.

There are two safes for individual and team. The contestants can put gold pouches to their safe or choose to share them to team safe.

If the number of golds in one contestant safe is higher than the team safe, all golds in the team safe are transferred to this contestant. If one contestant who uses golds for her safe has less golds than team safe, the individual safe for one contestant is emptied and all golds are transferred to team safe. This contestant does not gain anything. All golds in the team safe are divided into contestants who fill the team safe.


GENRE: Tv Format    

COMPANY: Ezel International

DURATION: Access Prime Time / Prime Time-60’